The Building of Brunelleschi’s Dome

Great video on Brunelleschi and how he invented a way to build the Dome in Florence. A true man of ingenuity. This is a much watch for fans of engineering or design.

Font Men

A brief film about font making with Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones. Sadly, it appears as though these two will no longer be working together.

About Reverbb

Shawn ElsonI’m Shawn Elson and I love all things UX, design and tech. is where I share all sorts of info on these topics.  UX opinions:  check.  UX tools:  here.  UX articles:  YES!

My UX capabilities include full stack design, research, and ideation. I have years of experience as a soup to nuts product designer working in all aspects of design, redesign and development.

I enjoy working with diverse teams to deliver innovative, beautiful, highly usable products.  Generalist skills include: Product Management, Project Management, Lean UX, Sales and Marketing.

I am based in San Francisco and available for UX consulting and long term contracts. Contact me.