Style guide links

Links to a slew of Style Guides for your reading pleasure. Style guide links | susan jean robertson. One of my favorite Style Guides from my friends at Atlassian. Atlassian Design Guidelines

First Time UX

The First Time UX blog reviews the sign up flows of many apps.  It’s super helpful to have all of these screenshots and notes in one place. And here are some tips for designing your app’s first time UX: First time user experiences in mobile apps

The Building of Brunelleschi’s Dome

Great video on Brunelleschi and how he invented a way to build the Dome in Florence. A true man of ingenuity. This is a much watch for fans of engineering or design.

New Design Proposed For Food Labels

Looks like the information design of food labels is going to be improved.  This appears much easier to read, in my opinion. However, I would love to see ingredients brought into this panel, rather than be on the other side of the box. FDA Proposes New Nutritional Label              

Font Awesome

This is a great resource for designers, especially if you are working in Bootstrap.  A complete cheat sheet list of Font Awesome vector icons with Unicodes. Pick up the OTF here. I am a heavy Omnigraffle user, so I also love having the Font Awesome Omnigraffle Stencil from Pat Cheung.

About Reverbb

I’m Shawn Elson and I love all things UX, design and tech.  Reverbb.com is where I share all sorts of info on these topics.  UX opinions:  check.  UX tools:  here.  UX articles:  YES! My UX capabilities include full stack design, research, and ideation. I have years of experience as a soup to nuts product designer […]